In the kitchen. Again. :)

Today, I got to bake a dessert with my friends (and fellow bloggers) Tasha and Terriann. We decided to try our hands at these Samao Cookie Bars.

Ready... set... bake all afternoon!

First you get some yummy caramels to melt.

And you make a yummy shortbread crust.

And you toast some coconut (which took for-ev-er).

And you mix the caramel and coconut together to put on top of the crust. The kitchen will be smelling really good at this point.

Then you melt a bunch of chocolate to pour on the bottom of the caramel-coconut bars. It says to "dip" them in chocolate, but our crust was really flaky and didn't want to stay in tact.

After letting the chocolate harden, you turn over the bars and drizzle the left over chocolate on top.

And then you proceed to stuff your face full of amazing Samoa-goodness.

We highly recommend them.


Ann Marie said...

oh my! these look delicious! i'll have to try them out for sure.

TannHart said...

It was so fun having you guys over today! I took those bars to the "grub club" and they were a hit!

Joelen said...

Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for linking/crediting me too :)

Tasha T said...

They were good. BUUUT I was sharing with the missionaries and Elder Taggart totally dumped water all over our table, and all over the bars... :(

Caty said...

I am SO sorry, Tasha!

Joelen, thank YOU for posting the recipe for us to find! They were delicious! :)