Good friends, Good food, Good night!

Last night, one of my best friends came to visit Buddy (that's what she calls Gabriel) and me. Kami Lowe might have more energy inside of her than anyone else I know and she was on a roll yesterday, it brightened our day. She walked in with her cute workout outfit, plopped down on our couch and started venting to us about the most recent developments in her life (both good and maybe not so good). We had great discussions about the scriptures and the Gospel (click here for more) and went to meet her parents at a truck stop to drop off an instrument she was hauling around.

You see, the Lowe family is absurdly talented at music. They have performed in Branson, MO for years and go on frequent tours around the country sharing their amazing gifts. They are leaving tomorrow for another adventure and they will be missed while they are gone!

After we all got back to our place, I decided to make yams with roasted marshmallows on top. I have been craving this Thanksgiving treat for a long time and finally decided it was okay to make them during a month that isn't November. They turned out pretty amazing, but I will cut down the sauce recipe by 1/3 next time. The marshmallows, I must say, were spectacular. YUM.

Best marshmallows I have ever seen and tasted? Probably.

Thank you, Kami for coming and playing with me and Buddy last night; Love you!

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Kathryn Vaggalis said...

I want that recipe! Those yams look positively mouth-watering!