Gail ♥

This girl helped me become a better person today. Thank you, Gail for giving me a much-needed moment of learning. Really good friends help each other the way you helped me. Sometimes, I react way too quickly when a belief of mine is being challenged. When this happens, tact can be put onto the back-burner and it should not. I love people with tact; they get so much accomplished in the right way.

Check out her blog here.


Gail said...

Haha. Thanks for mentioning me lol. We did blog very similar things. I needed a kick off my high horse. Thanks for putting me on a nice little Shetland Pony:). The funny thing is I am totally freaked out by horses...no joke!

Gail said...

I made a little Caty shrine on my original blog in response to yours hehe.

By the way, what is really sad is that we have no pictures of each other since your bridal shower! Has is been so long since we went photo crazy in the same room?