A Case of the Mondays

There is opposition in all things, right? After one of the best weekends ever, comes a very lonely, cramp-filled day. Okay, so it hasn't been that bad. But for some reason, I am super lonely today. I usually love-love-love having a day to myself, but all of my plans fell through simply because I have no apartment key (No blame goes to those who do have my copy, I love you girls to death!).

I was planning on going out to Mom and Dad's with my brother John and his son, Mr. Masen. I love this baby to pieces. When he isn't with me, I miss him! Well, while getting read to walk out the door, I realized I had nothing to lock the door with (Gabriel goes to school all day). Sad! So, they had to go without me (waking up to those two knocking on my window definitely made me smile, though).

Instead of sulking, I put on a movie for background noise and started baking a batch of cookies that I prepared last night (which I will post about next). They turned out great, but I had no one to share them with. Mom called and told me she was coming into town to do some shopping after John and Mr. Masen left.

"Wanna come with me?"
"Yes! See you soon!"
(Momentary lapse of memory)

I got ready to leave the house, yet again, and fell into disappointment, yet again, as she pulled into my parking lot and then eventually left without me, the house-bound girl. This time, I did sulk a little. But after a few minutes of useless tears, I got up, finished the laundry, and looked through the recent pictures on my camera. That helped a little.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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TannHart said...

Bleah, I would have just left it unlocked!