Bacon Cinnamon Rolls: From Craving to Reality

I made them. I ate them. And I loved them with all of my heart and stomach...

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Half-fried Bacon (not crispy)

Unroll, place bacon inside, re-roll

Snuggle inside cake pan or oven-safe dish

Bake according to cinnamon rolls package

Clothe with icing

And eat.


Sheri said...

Even wronger now that I've seen the pictures. :)

But if it makes you haaapppppyyyy....then it can't be that baaa--aaa--aad. *singing*

Another Duree Family said...

I made them and gotta say, Jason and I weren't in love with them :( They weren't bad, but I LOVE super crispy bacon so if I could find a away to make it the bacon to my liking... It might just be love, lol

I do love to make the recipes you blog. I made the 14 layer cake on Sunday and it was a hit!

Caty said...

Oh, I love crispy bacon, too! I am glad you like the random recipes, I usually only post the really fun ones to make! Haha

Love ya, girlie!

A "cheery" disposition said...

never thought of those two things together but hey I am willing to try it.