Luck #13

Today, my friend and fellow blogger, Tasha and I made this cake. Follow along as we recount making the inevitably amazing and impressive dessert....

These are the layers, naked. The cake batter was interesting; we used 13 aluminum pie tins.

Just a random photo of the mess we were making.

!!!! Probably my favorite part! The first layer of frosting, or "liquid brownies."

And so we begin... One cake layer topped with liquid brownie-goodness, repeated 13 times.

The hardest part was waiting for this to set.

Chocolate covered pancakes anyone?

The second layer of frosting: Chocolate Butter Cream

It isn't nearly as gorgeous as Bakerella's, but I think we did a pretty good job!

Viola! Pretty cool, huh?

[Notice all of the frosting on the bottom.]

SO good. Super filling and super chocolatey.
Thank you Tasha for the fun afternoon!


Staci said...

oh man are you trying to kill me! Hungry preg woman! I want to eat that NOW!

The Toland's said...

oh my heavens!!! My mouth is melting!!