Little Moments Make the Best Memories

My recent trip to Salt Lake City, Utah was filled with the best little experiences...

1. Everything going smoothly between arriving at the airports and boarding the planes.

2. The lack of motion sickness during both flights.

3. Flying at nighttime (I love looking at the city lights below. It reminds me of glitter that has been spilled onto a black tabletop.).

4. Morgan's new sharp-looking pea coat and trendy hat. :)

5. Morgan and I talking about radiation, chemotherapy, the awesomeness of the human brain, and the family.

6. Grace and Jack's faces as I walked through the door .

7. Meeting my new baby niece, Maggie.

8. Making paper chains, lanterns, and cutting snowflakes with Al and the kids.

9. Surprising Morgan by hanging the new paper Christmas decorations.

10. Jack's frequent meltdowns about anything and everything.

11. Baby Maggie smiling at me for the first time.

12. Morgan teaching me the Panoramic feature on Mom's camera.

13. Grace climbing onto the couch underneath a blanket with me after waking up from naptime.

14. Watching five episodes of Community with Morgan and Alison (They have the best taste in television).

15. Making one of the best desserts I have ever made. And eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day.

16. Watching the kids eat the leftover chocolate ganache (most of it got on their faces/bodies).

17. Grace being a little mother/caretaker to Maggie.

18. Jack's huge snot-bubble in the middle of sacrament meeting.

19. The Kitchen family (Love).

20. Listening to Girl-Morgan rap about Crime and Punishment to Ashley over the phone.

21. Learning how to really cut snowflakes out of paper.

22. Watching Ashley's homemade videos about the Book of Mormon and early American history.

23. Visiting with Rochelle and her children.

24. Discovering that my 15 year-old niece Aimee achieved NanoWrimo, too.

25. Cranberry Raspberry juice and dried mango. Yum.

26. Having the two-seat-row all to myself on the way back home.

27. While exiting the airplane in Tulsa, smiling down at a little four year-old girl when she told me I was pretty.

28. Seeing Gabe after being away for five days.

29. Coming home to a clean apartment.

30. Eating the Christmas Cadbury candy that Gabe found for me.

31. Re-watching Community with Gabe so he could bask in its hilarity.


TannHart said...

Community! Love that show.

Glad to hear your trip went so well.

When I come home I need to have you guys over (I realize that has nothing to do with the post.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about this dessert you made???