New Moon

I have never waited for six hours to watch any movie, ever. Six hours of waiting in line with hundreds of women ranging from pre-teen to middle-aged. Six hours of waiting in a line with a 50:1 girl-to-guy ratio. Six hours has never passed by so fast.

The atmosphere was excited, but not over the top. Chatter and laughter echoed around the room as it filled up more and more with Twilight fans, ready to finally see the second motion picture of the absurdly popular book series. At 11 pm, we started seeing the theater workers move more frantically and then, a long line of people just getting out of the Twilight showing walked past to their designated seating. In other words, they were about to "unleash" the masses. I saw fear in the high school boy's eyes as his manager whispered something in his ear. The workers all had a slight look of anxiety on their faces. The volume raised exponentially as everyone stood up and gathered their things. They motioned for us to head into the theaters and instantly people were trying to cut into line. Fans were jogging to find enough seats and squealing in anticipation. Luckily, it wasn't violent in any way, just electric, like you couldn't help but join in the mood. Trying to find six seats for our group proved a little difficult, but we were successful.

The next half hour seemed to tick by more slowly than the entire time waiting out on the floor. I went to the concessions to get a cherry Icee (I promised myself one, due to the occasion). Sitting back down, I had five minutes to spare. After previews, the screen went white and silent. A golden "Summit" symbol flashed up and slowly revealed the words "New Moon." The squealing began once more. The movie started, and part of my life felt complete (until June 30th, of course).

As the movie played, I was pleasantly surprised at how many funny lines and moments there were. Every character seemed witty and the actors' (especially Kristen Stewart's) performances had majorly improved since the first film. I was taken back by how much Kristen felt like Bella this time. Charlie, Bella's father, once again proved to be a favorite of mine. There were the obvious moments of Jacob Black taking off his shirt just to wipe up a bit of blood; most people in the audience laughed at the little screams rather than actually freaking out. The fight scenes blew me away (one between two wolves and one between Edward and the Volturri). They hardly left anything out of the screenplay and they didn't add anything dramatically different either. The movie was simply... impressive.

If you have not read the books, it will go slowly and you will be deprived of knowing what is really happening most of the time (due to the lack of minor details in a movie). The books offer so much more history and depth to the characters and events, so I encourage you to read before you watch. But definitely watch. Because the caliber was raised above and beyond this time with a bigger budget, better effects, and much better acting.

New Moon may be my least favorite book of the whole saga; but so far, it is my favorite movie of the franchise. Let me know what you think. :)


Sunshine said...

What is June 30th?

sjh81 said...

Part of me was in awe at the reality that I have now seen New Moon. After waiting another year for a movie in this series to come out, I think it took me a bit to realize I was sitting there about to watch it! It was so mezmerizing! I of course had favorite parts.....( Edward walking towards her in the beginning, my heart took flight at that part...lol) Also loved when Edward thought she was dead and crushed the phone out of anger......heartwrenching again! But I believe that my favorite part was when she pushed him out of the sun when he was going to reveal himself.......the whole volturi scene was amazing! The Jacob, Edward stand off brought me to tears however when Jacob ran off. I know I could go on and on....I truly loved it and June 30 can't come soon enough! Thanks for your great blog about it....the excitement was felt in your words!

Caty said...

I plan on seeing it again next week!

June 30th is the release date of Eclipse, the third book in the series! We don't have to wait a whole year for the next film! :)

morgan said...

You always said you loved my children, but now that they've made it onto your banner the same time as a twilight picture, I truly believe it.

Caty said...

Haha! No matter what I say, your children will always have precedence over Edward, Bella, and Jacob (the Twilight characters).

sjh81 said...

I realized that I didnt say who this was writing to you.......sorry caty! It was me Sarra:) I shall be seeing it again sometime soon as well.....can't wait!