NanoWrimo Rocked My World

I did it. I wrote a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. It was exhausting and I lost a lot of sleep, but it was so worth it. November was National Novel Writing Month and I met the goal fifteen minutes before the deadline. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty good right now.

What is the novel about? Well, that is my little secret. I am very private about my writing. While I doubt I will ever let anyone read the story, I know I will continue to write and edit it, even though the challenge is over. It needs a little tweaking here and there. I will tell you that the main character's name is Rachel (I didn't like the name at first but in my mind, it is her name, no question. So, there was nothing I could do about that).

Honestly, now that I am finished, I feel really sad. As in: What now? I have another story in the works (Actually, I began a story at the first of the month and changed my mind about the topic on November 10th, starting over). Maybe I will finish my original idea.

Until then, I will enjoy not laying awake in bed while my mind is filled with ideas and scenes that I want to include, inevitably keeping me awake for hours. Good night, Rachel!


morgan said...

I think we've talked before about you not sharing your writing talent.

Marigrace said...

I am SO PROUD of you!!! Congratulations!