Toffee Crack

I am reposting the recipe for Toffee Crack due to mass requests! It is super easy and super addictive, so beware! :)

Now that I have been making this crazy-amazing dessert for a while now, I have a few extra tips:

- When mixing the brown sugar and butter on the stove top, whisk constantly for 5-10 minutes until it is pretty thin (the longer you whisk, the harder it will get in the fridge).

- Lining the cookie sheet with aluminum foil prevents a huge mess! After it hardens, you can just pick up the foil and crack it without getting your hands all over it.

(My sister in-law Casadee is wonderful at having fun with this recipe. She has used everything from different types of chocolate to Andes mints. So, feel free to experiment!)

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