Not Just for Kids

A while ago, I discovered a website solely dedicated to explaining why a movie is rated what it is rated. I have read reviews like this before, but there are no competitors to this place. It is called Kids In Mind, but I would like to say that this site has helped me more times than I can count!

Once a film hits theaters, it is on the site already reviewed. They have three separate categories for each movie: Sexual Content, Violence, and Language. The "grades" range from 0 to 10 (0 being the cleanest).The first includes everything from girls in short skirts to actual scenes that need to stay off screen. The second records slaps, punches, and can sometimes be graphic in description (especially when ridiculous movies like Saw are being reviewed)... it is brutally honest. The third is probably one of my favorite categories to look up. They count every single F-word, every scatalogical term, every derrogatory saying, etc. When a friend commented that a certain movie looked interesting and he planned on seeing it, I looked it up to find it contained at least 96 F-words. He quickly changed his mind and thanked me for saving him from spending a worthless $8 just to get up and leave the theater. Along with the three main topics, they also dive into the substance use that is shown, discussion topics throughout the movie, and the main themes of the storyline.

I have seen movie trailers that attracted me instantly, but when the movies came out in theaters and I looked them up on this site, I was instantly turned off. This website has been an amazing tool for the entertainment I expose myself to and it will continue to play a role in my life as I raise children. I have decided to share this best-kept secret with all of you. Any movie you have a question about, look it up (although they do not have many older and classic movies in the database).

The link can be found by clicking on "Kids in Mind" above.


ourbanksaccount said...

we use kids in mnd all of the time, we are so grateful for it!

Tiffany said...

Another one that is good (it was I believe on of the first) is screenit.com It is VERY detailed, many more than 3 categories & like this one goes into exact details. It is great in deciding what to watch.