Kleenex, Napping, and Thick Socks

Gabe and I are both sick today. We have different symptoms- he has an on-again-off-again fever and a headache, I have sinus congestion and a sore throat. I woke up this morning with that most unwelcome feeling, you know it: every time you swallow, you cringe because it hurts so bad? Not only is this naturally inconvenient, but it just so happens to be the day before I fly out to Salt Lake City. I am doing everything I can to force my body to heal so I can enjoy every second I will have with my brother Morgan and his family.

If there is ever a good day to be sick, today is that day. It is cloudy outside, it looks cold but I haven't tried to brave it myself. As I woke up close to noon, my darling husband fixed me a hot cup of Rooibos tea (a South African tea) with milk and honey. He makes it best. For lunch, I made tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. It felt like a warm, fuzzy blanket for my throat.

Cold weather comfort food, anyone?


Sunshine said...

I am sorry! I hope you are better tomorrow for your flight! Strep is going around really bad in our neck of the woods. JP had is last week and Audry is down this week. Who will be next? No one can tell! :) Get better!

Marigrace said...

Flu combo!!