"...be thou clean."

I love my apartment so much more when it is clean. I have come to the conclusion (and Gabriel agrees), that when I am cranky or stressed out, my mood can be lifted exponentially just by cleaning. The state of clutter and disarray in my home is completely symbolic of how I am feeling inside. If my place looks like a tornado has ripped through it, chances are I am not studying my scriptures like I should be and I am feeling the weight of a chaotic schedule. When my place is neat, clean, and orderly, my emotional and spiritual states are on wonderful highs.

Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon cleaning.
The check list:
  • Cleaned and sanitized all "hands on" surfaces (door knobs, drawers, phones, computer mouse and keyboard, etc.)
  • Cleaned stove and microwave
  • Bleached kitchen counter tops
  • Dusted
  • Finished ALL of the dishes (that means clean, dry, and put away)
  • Cleaned toilet and bathroom sink
  • Finally arranged our books (fiction, non fiction, gospel, random)
  • Organized tons of magazines (and threw most of them in the trash)

While this probably wreaked havoc on my newly recovered immune system (although I doubt it caused my relapse), I think it will also increase my will to heal completely. This way, I can come home and fully relax. My goal, like always, is to keep the apartment this way for as long as humanly possible. I say "humanly" because we all know how lazy and distracted one gets after a long day at work or school. Needless to say, I feel accomplished and uplifted.

What is the state of your home right now, and do you see a correlation between that environment and how you have been feeling lately?


senanddavid said...

Oh my gosh I so agree with you! When I am feeling a little "upset" I always convince David to help me do some sort of cleaning or organising. Always seems to help me feel like my life is on the right track! Weird isn't it?

Sunshine said...

OK, totally off subject, but what was that etsy site with the poppy paintings and the tree paintings...the water color ones! I wanted to order something but it is not on your list of favorites anymore! :)

Caty said...


Sorry I took it off! I was doing a bit of blog cleaning the other day and switched some things around. :)