September 11

I remember sitting in my ninth grade Health class. It was my first class of the day. We were about to begin an assignment when someone came to the door and pulled the teacher out for a moment. She came back in and quietly said we needed to go into the hallway. We walked until we saw TV monitors next to the office. I was looking at the video footage of airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City, but I didn't realize what it meant. It didn't hit me, I thought it was an accident. I remember the teachers taking it easy on us that entire day. I remember it being a very... quiet day. When I think back, in my memories, I can't hear anyone saying a word.

I got home after school and went down stairs to find my mom painting my bedroom. A large TV was in the room, it was tuned into the news (about the only thing on that day). I watched a little more and then went outside to be alone. I climbed a tree on our property and just sat there for what seemed like forever. Sitting in that tree is where and when I realized what this meant. That is the when the word "attack" finally found its way to my mind.

This day isn't for remembering the people who did this to us. It is for remembering those who died and survived that day. It is for remembering why the United States of America is the chosen and blessed country of the earth.

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Autumn Dawn said...

I remember where I was when this happened too. I felt the same way you did. I just needed to think, to make sense of what happened. I couldn't believe it. You captured the mood of the moment very well.