I have always had pretty in-depth dreams when I sleep. While this can be fun for dreams about flying, love, or any form of super power/happiness, it can be horrific when it concerns nightmares. The first dream I can remember having (age four) was a nightmare about my little brother during a birthday party. By far, the worst contained unimaginable violence (and people wonder why I am so against horror films?). But last night, I probably had the most exquisite dream of my lifetime.

The dream began with a worldwide collapse. The earth had been "acting weird" lately. Weather patterns were off, as well as day and night differences. I was in a large building with thousands of other people, some sort of party or convention. This is when the earthquakes started. It wasn't only shaking, the earth was literally turning upside down and the gravitational pull was altered. Everyone started screaming as buildings fell, storms arose, and explosions surrounded us. This lasted for two long days. With nothing to hold on to, all anyone could do was pray that it would end. As the earth settled back into an orbit, disaster was all that could be seen. My family had all survived. But walking into a large room, I beheld the faces of so many friends, killed during the planetary commotion. They were trying to collect those who had died, but there were too many.

After wandering for a bit, overwhelmed with despair and disbelief, I started walking down a city street with my dad next to me. All around us, people were screaming and crying. Crime was the last thing on anyone's mind, everyone was looking for their loved ones. Suddenly, the sky turned into a beautiful shade of gold, pink, and piercing light. The bedlam was gradually drowned out by an unknown source. Even in a dream, with thoughts imagined, I have never felt what was inside of me. There isn't a word in our language prescribed to this emotion, peace and joy barely whisper at it. The light was growing stronger, more precise. As everyone instinctively looked toward the sky, the magnificent clouds gently parted and there He was.


Staci said...

uh yeah caty sounds like you dreamt the second coming exactly! Earth coming off it's axis, natural disaster, death, confusion. The peaceful feeling of bright light and then HIM! That is really cool to have a dream like that. Most dreams are deep and all about you but this could very well be what you may experience when that happens. You are truely intune w/ the spirit and to have such a spiritual awesome dream makes it that much more special.

I remember discussing our Pat. blessings one time and what we revealed to one another about what our's said was scary, but exciting at the same time...do you remember that?

Jeni Brown said...

Wow Caty I can't imagine how you felt when you woke from this dream just reading this made me well up in tears and give me goosebumps all over