The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

On Saturday morning, Gabe and I began our trip across the states to return to Missouri. I was able to keep it together for my last few weeks in Utah, but when Morgan and I hugged that morning, I lost it. It took me a long while to stop the tears.

The drive wasn't bad at all. We made it in 17 hours (well, almost... I'll explain later). We stopped at a hotel in North Platte on Saturday night, grabbed some dinner, and watched Angels and Demons in the room. This was an amazing movie. I was very impressed. The messages of the movie:

1. Science and Religion are two different languages, telling the same story. They do not fight against each other, they are compliments.
2. Infallible men, not God or religion, are the cause of violence and darkness in history.

On Sunday morning, we commenced driving. Everything was going smoothly until we hit Clinton, MO (90 minutes from our destination, home). Gabe stepped on the gas and all the engine would do is rev up. Nothing else. Turns out, Dyna's (my car) transmission is GONE. Mom and Dad came to get us in Clinton and everything worked out fine. Thank goodness this didn't happen in Nebraska!!!

When we got to my parents' house, I think it finally hit me that I am an adult. I loved being home, but it felt different this time. It is comfortable, peaceful, and loving here. But I know it is a nest that I left a while ago. Utah taught me a lot about relying on Heavenly Father, on my husband, and on myself for happiness and success. I finally grew up. Do I like this feeling? I will let you know later. :)

I miss my family in Utah. I especially miss Morgan, Alison, Grace, and Jack. Why these four in particular? Well, I spent at least one night a week at their house laughing, talking, playing, praying, baking, etc. Grace and Jack became two children that I love more than any others I have ever met (I have, seriously, never been this connected to any child). And Morgan and Al became two of my best friends. No matter where I move, I fear this sorrow of separation will haunt me. Is it worth it? Absolutely. I will be more than 100% happy when I can live near all of my siblings. Families are meant to be together forever. And that isn't just talking about after this mortal life. This is hard (work, school, family, friends, etc). But if it ever happens, in a long shot, it will be phenomenal.

Today, Mom and I went to town and a few amazing things happened:

1. A huge thunderstorm rolled in (A "Welcome Home Caty" present, I think).
2. I had an Andy's Frozen Custard "Snow Monster" for the first time in ONE YEAR.
3. I shopped at Walmart without wanting to cry, hold my breath, and run away (The Walmart in SLC is GROSS).

P.S. The bed in our hotel room was KING-SIZED AMAZINGNESS. I will getting one of these very soon. It was the best night's sleep ever.


Another Duree Family said...

I have the worst luck with cars EVER. Period. I am always afraid I will get in the car and it will explode, lol. Glad to hear you had a safe trip! We'll have to get together once we're both settled.

Alison said...

Just so you know, last night, Jack kept asking where "Taty and Babe" went. And Grace told me over the weekend that you guys can move back again some time later. We love you guys!

Caty said...

:) I will call them this week to chat. We love you, too!!!

Emmalita. Em-uh. Eefer. Miss M. Em&m. Em. Me. said...

I feel like I must comment on the following:
-Miss you already
-Angels and Demons rocks
-Sorry about your car :(
-What the heckage is a 'snow monster?'