PDA: Pretty Darn Awkward

At LDSBC, the three elevators are the means of vertical transportation (I guess there are stairs...). When you push that little button and the doors slide open, you are filled with relief to find an empty, serene box. You get in and travel to your destination in peace. Now, if you had pushed that button and discovered a packed-full elevator, you would squeeze in and hope you don't have to hold your breath due to any variety of body odors. But even more inconvenient may be when it is just you and one other person you have yet to meet, alone, slowly ascending/descending while the quiet "ding" periodically interrupts the uncomfortable silence.

I thought that was the worst case scenario, and then today happened. I am cutting it close, getting to my next class five floors away, when I head to the hall where the elevators are. I find myself waiting, standing next to a couple holding hands and talking in whispers. Whatever, ya know? But then we step into the same elevator. Once the doors close, regardless that I am within two feet of them, they start feeding each other animal crackers and cuddling in the corner, looking over at me once in a while like nothing in the world is wrong. I was torn between bursting out in laughter and literally telling them to calm down a bit. Well, I held it together and did neither. But I have never shot out of an elevator as fast as I did today.

So, what is the social etiquette of PDA? What do you feel is too much for the sake of those who are innocent bystanders?


Sunshine said...

If you ask JP, you are pushing the envelope to hold hands in public - anything more is just right...R rated. :)

Emmalita. Em-uh. Eefer. Miss M. Em&m. Em. Me. said...

Hmmm....well, my opinion of PDA is different than most, so I'll keep it to myself.

But I thought I'd tell you that I can't really handle elevators so I always pretend like I'm furiously texting someone in order to relive the tension I feel. :)