The Fruits of Not That Much Labor

When we moved to Salt Lake City, it took a couple of days, but I discovered fruit trees surrounding our little house:

1 Peach
1 Asian Pear

2 Apple
2 Pear

I have done absolutely nothing with the trees (they really do need pruning, though) as I have watched the process take place. Today, I finally tried out a peach, pear, and apple to figure out when I should pick them to make yummy desserts with Morgan and Alison.

The Verdict: The pears have a few more days to go. The apples are SO not ready. And the peach was good, but my tongue had a really hard time with how FUZZY it was!


TannHart said...

I am SO jealous. How nice for you :)

Staci said...

k my mouth is watering...those look so yummy...not fair! I want fruit tree!

Marigrace said...


Alison said...

Even if they don't taste good, they sure look pretty.