Caty's Favorite YouTube Vids: Part 1

Over the past year, I have come across so many hilarious videos on YouTube through Emma, Tim, Yahoo, etc. After weeding through my long list of faves, I chose a few that really make me laugh (as in the kind of laughing that equals a 90-second sprint). I hope they do the same for you, even though you may have seen them already.

"Chris Farley- French Fries" This is a classic Chris Farley skit on SNL. It had to make the list.

"I'm Not Intoxicated"

"Mother's Day" My life was better when I discovered Barats and Bereta on YouTube.

"Completely Uncalled For"

"Evolution of Dance" Amazing.


Tasha T said...

Haha. Isn't that second video from Reno 911? That's great.

Caty said...

Yeah, it is! Real or acted, that is FUNNY stuff.

Emmalita. Em-uh. Eefer. Miss M. Em&m. Em. Me. said...

I'm honored....