The Kennicott Experience

I am taking seven classes this summer semester (a ten-week semester). By far, my favorite class is Doctrine and Covenants (a three hour class, once a week), taught by Brother Jeff Kennicott. He is a Senior Master Sergent in the Air Force and always speaks of his wonderful wife. Not only does this class have one of the best teachers I have known, but the students within are diverse and filled with amazing questions and comments. It is a highlight of my week. Every week, Brother Kennicott ends up amazing us with more-than-quotable analogies, stories, and simple explanations...

"I have never raised my fist in a fight, but I have helped kill people. And I have received personal revelation that I will have the opportunity to teach those spirits I sent back to Heavenly Father of the Gospel some day."
(This was part of his introduction to us on the first day. He had our full attention.)

"War is wholly Satan's domain."

"Heavenly Father would not create a plan that would keep us all from returning to Him. It is a winning plan, not a losing one."

"Being tempted by Zagnuts and consuming the Zagnuts are two different things."
("Zagnuts" represent sins, weaknesses that we each have. He explained that being tempted is not a sin. Satan cannot enter our minds. When we fight temptation, we are fighting ourselves.)

He held up the scriptures, opened, and said:
"I know there is black on these pages. But what's on the white? What has the Spirit told you?"

"Remember, children are full-grown spirits in little bitty bodies."

"We gotta get Hollywood out of here!"
(We tend to use examples given to us by Hollywood to relate to the Gospel. We cannot do that. Hollywood shouldn't even be on our list of sources to turn to when we have questions about life.)

"Going to church every week will make you a Christian about as fast as sleeping in a garage every night will make you a Buick."
(Nothing can make you a Christian. Only you can decide to be a Christian and Disciple of Christ.)

"Man always tries to figure out how things are done. God only tells us why things are done."
(This was concerning the performing of miracles that, to us, seem unnatural or unbelievable.)

All of this amazing insight and we've only had three classes!

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Staci said...

Yeah but thats 9 hrs of awesomeness! That is really great, I loved my religious classes there at the ldsbc. Some really amazing people here to teach us!