An Introvertive Movie-Goer

I have always fancied experiencing things alone. It can come off as selfish when I try to explain to someone that I would rather go the park by myself or exercise without a partner, but it is never because I don't like their company, it is because I prefer me, myself, and I. This does not apply to everything, obviously; that would be anti-social, and I am not anti-social. However, I find it soothing to be alone with my feelings and thoughts for certain events. For example: the movies.

The first impression you receive when entering a movie theater is amazing by itself: the smell of buttered popcorn, the eye-catching lights twirling and swirling around Upcoming Movie posters and the signs for refreshments and tickets. And being caught up in the moment of seeing a cinematic invention with tons of other people in front of a huge screen all make the experience just plain happy.

While I do enjoy going to the theater with a date or a group of friends (especially when you and that group of friends are mildly to passionately obsessed with the story you are about to watch), there is something special about seeing a movie alone.

I take or buy candy before arriving (their food prices are ridiculous) and usually stuff a bottle of water into my large purse (which I make sure to take when seeing a film). I buy "one ticket, please" for a movie I have been dying to see, walk into the theater (I prefer it jam-packed or near empty, but never in between) to find my seat. I cozy on in, get my refreshments ready, turn off my cell phone, and relax. It is therapeutic in a way.

I feel nothing close to loneliness, depression, or embarrassment (as many have expressed that is what they would feel seeing a movie alone :). No, I feel calm and serene. It is Me-Time and I have always loved my Me-Time. I don't have to worry about sitting there with someone who insists on talking through the whole thing (thank goodness I married a man who feels the same way). If it is a "chick flick" I choose to see, I can go without any criticisms or scoffs at the height of romantic moments coming from the seat next to me. I can sit there and take it all in by myself. And when the movie is done, there is no rush to leave. I have always loved staying through the credits, whether there is a surprise at the end or not. I believe a film is incomplete until you have seen how much work really went into it, until you have read the names of those involved.

Don't let this discourage you to invite me to the movies, I am always up to go (it is one of my favorite activities). But if you have never attempted to take on the Movies alone, I suggest it be tried at least once.


Another Duree Family said...

I've never seen a movie alone (although sometimes the company I choose makes me feel like I'm alone) but I'll definitely have to give it a try sometime. Especially since Jason isn't into girly movies, lol

Staci said...

The only movie i went to alone was "dawn of the dead' i know lame and weird but i had nothing else to do and it sucked. I wouldn't of mind seeing a sappy movie alone so I can cry alone in the dark with out holding back my emotions ...wait that is what renting it and watching it at home does for me.

Caty said...

:) I love to go see sappy movies alone, too! Renting is good, but there is something extra special about a theater for me.

The last movie I saw alone was the Hannah Montana movie... you can see why. Haha