From Dad

This morning, the Ozarks was hit with a very rare storm called a Derecho (severe straight-lined winds). Of all the storms that our home has ever been through, this is first time real damage has actually been inflicted (everyone is safe). Many trees were uprooted and fallen over, one going through an upstairs bedroom. After the storm calmed down, without ever receiving a phone call from Mom or Dad, all three of my MO-bro's (Adam, Jacob, and John) showed up at the house to see how everything was. Dad called me in the afternoon and expressed how grateful he is to have these three boys so close to home. They are great (along with resourceful and handy) men who are loyal to their family and willing to help whenever help is needed. If you are ever in a tight spot, these are the guys to call. I hope they know how much our father loves and appreciates them.

Three of the most sincere and loving hearts I have come to know.


Vanessa said...

What a thoughtful post! I called Jacob and told him about it. He asked me if I was trying to make him cry :)

Marigrace said...

I love it!! And I love you and your brothers and sisters... what a GREAT bunch of people!