A Walk Down Memory Lane

I have decided that one reason I love reading so much is because I was brought up in a home that valued reading; makes sense. With some spare time, I tracked down some of my all-time favorite books from my childhood (ranging from itsy-bitsy to being an early teen). Maybe it will jog some your memories, too.

These are just a few from a HUGE list that I have, starting with the earlier books and ending with some that I was introduced to in Middle and High School (I still read them).


Keith said...

The Outsiders! I don't know how many times I have tried to remember the title for that book and no one I knew could figure out what book I was talking about!

Caty said...

I *hate* when that happens! I am happy I could help with this list!

Tasha T said...

This really has nothing to do with this post---or does it?!?! How coincidental. Just popped in to say:

Not sure you'll enjoy The Time Traveler's Wife as much as you're anticipating. I have a sneaking suspicion that particular language/dialogue/themes/etc will bring about a post on how gosh darn hard it is to find a *decent*, profanity-less, sex-less, immoral theme-less good book these days. This is a great book--and one that should make you cry, but you might be too disgusted to really bawl your eyes out and appreciate it. Just a heads up!

Caty said...
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Caty said...

Thanks Tasha! Usually, if I come across a good book with language or bad "scenes," I take after my Dad and just mark them out with a marker or pen. That way, when I read the book again, it is great!
Unless, of course, the entire book would be blacked out, then I just throw it aside.

And I have read many profanity-less, sex-less, immoral theme-less good books, so I probably wouldn't vent about it. ;)