Spring Cleaning: Phase One

I am really, really excited to start my Spring Cleaning of 2009. I love a clean home. It makes my entire life happier. But lately, I have realized that the annual event of Spring Cleaning shouldn't only apply to my house. It should be applied to everything in my life. And so today, I began the first phase of Spring Cleaning.


I joined *years* ago and have loved being a part of it ever since. I love being able to see what my long, lost, dear friends have been up to, where they are in life and what they have accomplished. I love that it makes keeping in touch with my own family members SO much easier. Over the years, I some how managed to accumulate over 520 Facebook Friends. I decided to go through every one of them and see if I:
a) even knew them
b) wanted to know what they were up to
c) have spoken a word to them in the past year or two.

Those were my conditions to either keep them as Facebook Friends or delete them from my profile. It was invigorating and really uplifting.

Example: I came across a few names that I had never heard of. Why did I even add them in the first place? New rule: If I don't recognize your name or your picture, I probably won't confirm your request to be friends. Sorry, but you'll just get deleted when Spring Cleaning comes around. *Delete*

Example: I love the class that I went to high school with. I love them more than words can express. But since graduation, we have all traveled down different paths and have become different people. Some of those paths have involved drunkeness, immorality, and drugs. I know every one can go through rough phases, but I don't want to see pictures of your rough phases on Facebook. I don't feel good when I see childhood friends passed out at parties, embarrassing themselves by flashing or mooning, and the worst is when your Facebook page is covered in swear words and obscenities. *Delete*

Example: I have met many wonderful people in life, all 22 years of it. But frequently, friends lose contact. Acquaintances lose contact big time. The majority of those deleted from my friends list were people I have talked to a couple of times at school or at church and haven't spoken to or seen since then. *Delete*

Disclaimer: If I am not your Facebook Friend any more, it doesn't mean I don't love you. What does it mean? Look over your Facebook page. If you really know me, you'll figure it out. If you don't really know me, it doesn't matter whether we are Facebook Friends or not. :)

Phase One of Spring Cleaning has been refreshing and uplifting.
Phase Two coming soon.


Marigrace said...

What a great exercise - cleaning out the cobwebs... everywhere! We are starting on the yard tomorrow - cleaning out leaves and stuff, new flower beds going in. Can't wait til it is really spring! Mom

morgan said...

I hope I make it through Phase I.

Caty said...

Of course you made it through Phase 1.
First: You're family and family remain Facebook Friends by default.

Second: You're cool.

TannHart said...

Yea...I agree, I hate facebook clutter

Maureen said...

When did you get to be 22?

JMR said...

i better still be internet friends with you cuz we're friends in real life. dare I even go look? jk. part of my spring cleaning: only looking at facebook when I get an email alerting me of something worth looking at. Have you looked at Emma's facebookism's? good stuff. sorry for the looong comment. :)

Caty said...

Maureen: I got to be 22 on November 2. Haha
Jenna: I love your looming comments.

J&J Miller said...

oh caty please tell me that were facebook friends!? haha

ps. you have inspired me.... maybe I'll just delete my facebook all together... I am feeling a little preoccupied!

Staci said...

hahah im the same way...i hate clutter on my phone and computer..im always deleting! I haven't check to see if you deleted me from facebook..i hope not! I really try to not put drunk pics and me mooning pl on my facebook hhehe jk.

Caty said...

You all are so funny. :-P

I only deleted friends who I haven't talked to in like 5 plus years, or people that I don't really know. I love you all!