R.I.P Pentax

My digital camera has officially keeled over. While on a cruise in the Caribbean in the Spring of 2006, we were in the Key West when my first digital camera, a Kodak, crashed to the cement ground and shattered. This was my first and BEST ever Spring Break and my camera just broke. I was devastated and instantly called my Mom. Before the call was over, my parents told me to buy a new camera there for the rest of the trip. I did so, purchasing a Pentax Optic. It is cute, but I would never recommend this camera (my pictures always had spots on them and there is no cover for the lens). Despite this, it has been a good camera to me. I have taken thousands of pictures with it, no doubt. Today I turned it on to capture Gabriel playing a video game. It's easy to recognize digital death. While I am very sad, I am also very excited. This means I get to buy a new camera. :)

The FIRST and LAST pictures ever taken with my Pentax:


Maureen said...

I relish picking out new things....have fun!

Anonymous said...

I remember that day. We were able to swim with the stingrays. Fun times! Miss you, Caty :(!!

The Toland's said...

ahhhh my camera did the sammmmme thing ewww and I have no idea what causes this weirdness!