- At the grocery store, I never grab the item in front. I usually choose the third or fourth into the row of what I am shopping for (boxes of cereal, magazines, shampoo bottles, anything).

- You know how praying in the morning makes your day better? Well, I think this also applies to mail. On the days that I get great mail, I am a happier person. Bills can be pretty lame, I always smile when I get an envelope with handwriting on it.

- I measure everything. I hate "guessitmating" lengths and widths. When shopping for a skirt or dress online, I'll measure on my body its length, when buying a frame for a picture, always measure first, when picking out a desk or couch, definitely.

- When I read magazines, I rip out advertisements and articles that irritate me. If it's a pamphlet from a movie store, I tear out the mini-movie posters for films like "Saw IV" or "Sex Drive." I bought an issue of Seventeen (I still read it) and found a section about "How to Have Safe Sex in High School." Gee, lovely. Rip.

- I buy high heels, but rarely wear them. They all look so pretty lined up in my closet. :)

- I never paint my fingernails and probably never will.

- I will write an entire personal essay on something that I feel strongly about only to delete it afterward. I mainly write to write, not to be read.


Maureen said...

Your quirks make you who you are...

Been there, done that personal essay thing. All the time.

Marigrace said...

YOU ARE A HOOT!!! Love you.....

JMR said...

dude. Caty. you are my hero. And not just bc of your genius ways, but bc you have the best outlook on life. Thnx for making my day brighter. {a good blog entry in the a.m. is as good as good mail}