A Girl's Best Weapon

I am easily freaked out. Not necessarily because I am in a dangerous situation, but because I freak myself out. I suppose growing up with nighttime noises of coyotes howling and the occasional mountain lion scream will do that to a girl. I can freak myself out at night, when I think I hear someone open the front door and come in. I can even freak myself out when I am washing my face (What if I open my eyes and see someone standing behind me!!).

After work, I sometimes have to wait for my husband to pick me up (at the end of the mall, away from crowds) or I have to walk a ridiculous distance to my car in the school's dark parking garage
; you can understand how my problem of "freakedoutaphobia" would come to mind after work. Today, I brought two pairs of shoes to LatterDay Bride: a pair of CUTE high heels and a pair of comfy flats to inevitably change into. When it was time to go home, I walked out onto the sidewalk to wait for Gabe when two teenage boys with hoods covering their faces and pants that they were literally holding up as they walked (I don't understand that concept of "style") were heading in my direction.

My first thought: They look shady. Stereotyping? Yep, but they are the ones who choose to dress like thugs who mug.
My second thought:
I am holding a pair of three-inch high heels. Bring it
on, boys.

P.S. No confrontation, violence, or any communication whatsoever occured between the guys and myself. All was well.


Another Duree Family said...

i love it! very awesome weapondry!!!

Marigrace said...

You just keep those heels handy, Honey!! Mom

Caty said...

since you were behind me as I read this and know that I giggled to myself frequently, you already know I enjoyed this post. Heels are definitely weapons.

Staci said...

hahahah I totally get where you are coming from...it must be a small town thing w/ us! It is nice not having the coyotes and wild animals right outside your window I do hear ya on that one. But I think you have every right to be over protective and freaked out..YOU DO LIVE IN SLC where tons of girls are raped...not to make you more scared. Keep those heels close and be safe.

ourbanksaccount said...

i guess i better start wearing heels... might come in handy someday!

Maureen said...

Ooo, I love it!!