Back to Missouri... But Why?

Since I have moved to Salt Lake City, I have been getting sick, on average, once a month. Never in my life have I gotten sick like this. It's always the same symptoms: the headache, the stuffiness, the horrible sore throat that causes you to wince and cringe as you try to swallow. I have gone over some options: living in a new house that has been here forever (so I put cheesecloth over the vents to clean the air), getting "seasoned" to Utah (Shouldn't that have ended by now? It's been six months!), and so on. While reading up a little on sore throats, I came across a frequently published idea about potential causes: smog and stress.

I went from living in this place for 22 years...

... to living here.

There are amazing things about Salt Lake City that I will miss.

I am going to miss Morgan, Alison, Grace, and Jack so much that it will hurt me. I will miss my sister Rochelle (who is in Uruguay!) and her kids. I have never loved a job more than I do now. I will miss working at Latter Day Bride and most of all, my amazing co-workers. I am in love with Ben's Cookies, this place makes the BEST cookies I have ever tasted. I will miss Anthropologie, the store. I love my bishop and the Sunday school class that I teach. I am going to be sad that I won't have the temple one mile away from me, but instead, three to four hours north.

[ I would say the mountains, but I have found that I prefer the open country to them. I feel almost claustrophobic and intimidated by them (I had similar feelings when I was in the middle of the ocean). ]


I am a country girl. I would rather ride a horse than drive a car. I prefer to see green trees over seeing buildings or mountains. I want to wear jeans and sneakers, not dress pants and heels. I need a house with a lot of space around it, not a suburb or apartment. I need a dog. A big dog that I can run around with, play with, and keep outside (people are for houses, most animals are not). I want to ride in the back of a truck, not a public bus. I would rather pick up fallen limbs from a yard than have to clean the sidewalk from ice and snow (weird law). I miss Sunday lunches at my parents' house with Adam, John, Jacob and their families. I miss thunderstorms with lightning and crazy-strong winds that knock over trees. I miss being able to rent three movies for seven days for $1.50. I miss Andy's Frozen Custard. I miss cashew chicken and the amazing Springfield- Chinese food. I miss seeing farms every two to three miles. I love the humidity.

(Gabe and I are moving back home in August).


Staci said...

Your moving back? Well I'm glad to see you are happy! I sorta feel the opposite..I don't know how I survived in MO for 15 yrs. I go back and my allergies are out of control. I itch from all the bugs and the HUMIDITY...are you MAD! Although I just say it is one beautiful country. I do miss that part. Oh and the down to earth country pl I miss them too.
Awe good luck in your travels back home atleast you got to experience life outside of MO for a bit. You are always welcome back if you want....maybe even St.George. There is no smog here plus no colds, snow, mountains. Maybe you should just move here..ok I'll shut up. Love you!

Caty said...

Haha, I love you Stac! Before I move back, I am most definitely planning a road trip down to St. George, just to let you know. :)

ourbanksaccount said...

Chad and I feel the same way, we love love love missouri but we love love love our families too... mixed emotions, what do you do? We want to see you guys before you go!

Maureen said...

Our dry air will kill you.

j/k -- but I know it is hard to adjust. Adam had a terrible time...I'm not sure if he ever really did.

I remember the first time I saw Missouri. I could not believe HOW GREEN it was! So beautiful....I loved the open country, the LOW gas prices...and the fire flies (I know I spelled that wrong) at night. It was almost magical.

But the humidity almost did me in. Felt like I was suffocating.

I'm excited that you get to go back...even though I have no doubt you will be sorely missed. I haven't seen you in FOREVER...but I will miss the idea of you being close.

Marigrace said...

I love all those things, too!!! In fact, the other day I was in town, drove by Andy's and thought - "If Caty was with me we would most definitely stop for a treat". So, I made a U-turn, went back and got a root beer thingy - you know, a mixed up root beer float. It was delicious! And I thought about you the whole time I was eating it! Mom