The Lone Luncher

I am a lone luncher. It's a fact and one that I can not deny. When I spend the day at school or work, and I get that heavenly lunch break I've been waiting for, I prefer to take it alone. Many times have I had lunch with others who were great company, but eating lunch by myself allows me to unwind for half an hour and drown in my thoughts. Of course, family members are the exception.

Today I was using a communal microwave at school when a classmate of mine came over to say hello. After which, a boy who is very obviously "crushing" on her joined in and started a conversation (attempting to include me, much to my dismay). How was I going to tell these two potentially great lunch-company beings that I would not be joining them at the table they personally reserved for us?? Well, intervention can be divine. After they sat down together, all attention was taken off of me and onto each other. Perfect! When my food finished cooking, I simply said, "See you in class today!" and walked to an empty couch in a corner of solitude.
I love when things work out.


Caty said...


I later learned that my classmate has been trying to avoid that certain guy. I promised her that next time, I would intervene and save her. :)

Katie said...

I totally am the same way. When i arrive home from the farm for lunch I just want relax and unwind without conversation. My dad is the same way. But, the mother here, Nadja, always wants to talk, and I always want to read and she will go on and on as it is so obvious that i am reading and am not interested in chatting. And still she has not got the idea, so i always try to beat her home so i can make my lunch and go elsewhere to relax undisturbed. One time i think I was a bit rude, i just stood up with my book and walked out. Hello? I didn't want to be mean but i was so not in for pointless conversation.
i know the feeling

Maureen said...

I think the epilogue takes the cake....

I am a lone luncher as well...I like to bury myself in a book. My friends soon learned this when I was flying through the Harry Potter series. Now that I've finished, I am bookless and therefore a target for odd conversations.

Sigh. :)