LDSBC: Part 1

The semester is officially over, and I have to say it was my favorite in my college career. I loved my classes, especially my institute classes with the amazing Brother Hardy! Even though I never became close with any of my classmates, we were all still friends in that classmate sense. There was a certain unsaid camaraderie when we entered the room and sat down, and that feeling showed up every Tuesday and Thursday without fail.

I am sad (for the first time in college) to be ending this Fall of 2008 quarter, but I look forward to my next set of classes in January. I am curious as to how the spring semester will turn out. Based on past experiences, I enjoy school much more in the autumn season (I think it involves the colors, the weather, and the feel of those time-of-the-year holidays).

With every hardship I have gone through out here in Utah, I honestly believe that going to school here is what I am supposed to be doing. I still marvel at how much of a difference prayer makes in the classroom. It helps my mind take in what it needs to and it helps my heart connect with what it has heard. As of now, I can not imagine going to a school that disconnects the Gospel of Jesus Christ from secular knowledge. The two compliment each other so well that one should think it absurd to separate them.


The Toland's said...

The Biz ROCKS!! I miss that place! (and YES, you need to send me pic.s of the good ol days!

Caty said...

I will. If not just for fun, then in exchange for the WONDERFUL Josh Groban Blog link I found on your site! :)

Remember the good ol' days of falling asleep to his voice at your house? Haha!

Staci said...

awe i felt the same way...i loved that college although i think you would of enjoyed it even more if it were still in the mansion :(. im sure its still small and personable so it sounds. miss you