A Tyra Misunderstanding

I like Tyra Banks. One of my favorite shows is America's Next Top Model and I like that girls can look up to a model (a super model at that) who isn't obsessed with gaining the smallest hip size. Every so often, I'll come upon the Tyra Show (her talk show) and hear something that just makes me shake my head and think, "Was that just said?" Today was one of those cases.

This afternoon, the topic of the show was called "Pornotown" (Aka: A bunch of girls in the "sex industry" live in one house together, the name says enough). I flipped the TV on to see the girls sitting in a row. One of them was venting about how others judge her for being a prostitute, but religion has helped her get through this and has helped her feel more accepted for what she does. Tyra then says, "Yeah, because people judge, but God doesn't judge." And everyone agreed...

I know that when people say that, they probably mean, "People judge unrighteously, but God's judgment is perfect and final." At least I'm hoping that's what they mean. Because to believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are accepting of all life styles is highly delusive. And it makes me really sad.

Biblical back-ups:
- Eccl. 3: 17
- Ps. 50: 4
- Eccl. 11: 9
- Matt. 16: 27


Staci said...

I agree!!! I watch her show a lot and I like her but she does say the dumbest things sometimes I am even get embarassed for her. But hey thats good entertainment. Esp when "The Soup" tv show makes fun of her.

Corrine said...

very well put! and I totally agree!

Danielle & Josh said...

Wow! It truly is interesting how some people think isn't it! I am often amazed at what our world is coming to. It has changed so rapidly even in my short life! It frightens me to think of what kind of people will influence my daughter!!

Alison said...