Utah-kin' to me?

Can I just say that I love the LDS Business College? I can't believe what a difference the Spirit makes to a campus, a classroom, and a college experience. I love the prayers before class, I love knowing the students around me have the same beliefs as I do, I love being able to look out the window of my Pearl of Great Price class and seeing the Salt Lake temple right there, waiting for me. :)

All of this helps my homesickness. I am enjoying it here, but I look forward to being able to go home to see my family and friends again. I miss their faces! And as crazy as it sounds, I miss the humidity a little. It's a like a big comfort blanket, I think.

Here is a picture of one of the tender mercies of Heavenly Father (the place we found in town after being homeless for a bit!). We are renting until we move to Provo for Gabriel's bachelor's degree. It's in a beautiful neighborhood and a walk away from my sister's house. And it has fruit trees (Asian pear, peach, and apple)!

I hope Missouri is doing well, I hope the University Ward is holding on strong, and I hope everyone likes the cheesy title of this entry.


Sheri said...

That's a darling little house! But what you really need is a picture of you and Gabe in front of it, kissing. (I added the kissing part for romance's sake. You don't have to kiss for the picture if you don't want to.)

Is rent crazy expensive?

The Toland's said...

The Biz is a wonderful school! I def. miss those days! What a sweet house...so glad things are going good for you!

Staci said...

awe im so glad you are having a good time...it really is a goood school I miss those days. What a cute home..im excited for youand i want to see you next time im up there.

Caty said...

Sheri, we totally should have romanced the picture up. My bad... rent isn't bad at all. It's just barely what we were paying in MO! Talk about a blessing! The upstairs(and visible) part is what we are renting, and someone lives in the underground basement.

morgan said...

'I can't wait to go home to see my family again...'

What are Rochelle and I, chopped liver?

Caty said...

Haha, my bad Morgan. I LOVE you guys and that I can be out here and hang out with you.

By "family," I meant "MO family." I'm still getting used to having you and Rochelle right here in town!

Caty said...
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