♥ Mr. and Mrs. John Gainer ♥

On Saturday, August 2, 2008, John Gainer and Casadee Larew were married at the Springfield University ward building by Bishop Paul Jarvis. It was such a great wedding! The spirit was so strong and Bishop Jarvis did a wonderful job! Casadee's family and friends did a cute job decorating for the reception and afterward, everyone came to Mom and Dad's house for a barbecue dinner. The house was packed and we all had so much fun. Casadee's family is great! We missed family and friends who couldn't be there, but hopefully some can attend their temple sealing next year.

Family Update: Mom and Dad are now officialy 'Empty Nesters' and Jacob is the only one in the family who has yet to be married. ;)

[ Dad, Gabe, Jacob, Adam, John, Casadee, Mom, Amanda (Adam's girl), Kara (Jacob's girl), Me ]


Sunshine said...

I totally didn't know that John was getting married! I talked to your mom last Sunday and not a peep! What am I going to do with you guys!? Give a CONGRATS to John and Casadee! Oh, by the way, I like the haircut! :)

Alison said...

Yeah! Great pictures. I'm so sad we missed it, but can't wait for when they come out here. Speaking of which, when on earth are you guys coming out here?

Caty said...

We're leaving MO on the 25th! A week and a half!! When are John and Cass going out there?