Our amazing pre-mi's (Grant, AJ, Marshall, and Sterling) are now serving their missions (wonderful boys!!!), my hair is growing out, and I got a second job to fill the spaces in my week while Gabe's at work. Life is going and good.

It seems that my family is growing a little closer these days. This includes Gabe's parents and brother as well! Some of my favorite moments are dinners with Gabe, Mom, Dad, John, Adam, and Amanda (and Jacob and Kara when they can make it!). From Sunday dinners to eating at Adam's restaraunt, we always have a blast and are sad to leave at the end. This is possibly turning into a weekly tradition (before Gabe and I leave for Utah and John gets married). Oh yeah, my little brother is engaged! He's house sitting for his fiance, Casadee, and her family while they are out in Utah for a family reunion. He helped a goat give birth last week on their farm and afterwards, faced a mountain lion in the dark!

[ Christmas '07- Brotherly Love ]

[ Casadee and John ♥]


Tasha T said...

I didn't know they were engaged?! When did that happen?

**I wish I made dresses in your size, too. ;)

Alison said...

Yeah Casadee and John. Congrats. Wish we could make it for the weekly dinners too.