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Not much is going on in the world of Ariciu. I did get my first calling at Willard, teaching Sunbeams (3-4 year old kids)! They are adorable. A boy in my class gave the opening prayer for Primary which included, "... please let us want to take a bath tonight..." and more cuteness.

I have decided that the only reason I feel differently being married is the way people react to me now. Gabe and I still enjoy going to Institute activities (which we are allowed to be at) and hanging out with the friends we have spent years getting to know. Do they expect me to drop my beloved University Ward (my life for the past 2.5 years) and move on? Maybe partially (like the literal 'ward' part), but not completely! I have so many friends that don't even think twice when they still see me at dances, classes, or just hanging out (which I am grateful for), and then there are those who act as if by getting married, I had 15 years added onto my life and give me weird looks that say, "She's old and married, why would she want to be here?" (not to mention the people who have actually said that to me in conversation!) Answer: because I absolutely love the Springfield University Ward and the people there. I bonded with them more than I can describe and a new last name won't stop me from continuing friendships that I cherish. So, next time you see me or any other married 'ex-Institute-ers' at a dance or class, accept that we're there, that we like to be there, and act like it's normal. Please! :)

P.S. There seems to be a great, invisible, social divide between newlyweds and those who already have children. It makes sense. We fit in more at the University Ward than we do at our new family ward! But it all takes time... let the bonding begin and continue!

I went from the greenest green EVER ------------ to brick buildings, construction, and West Bypass.
: (
A little part of our wall at home. ------------------- Beth and Kenzie at Chris Moak's homecoming.


morgan said...

I feel your pain at going from green forests to city life. When we were our in Nauvoo it made me really want to be back in the beautiful Midwest.

I think the invisible divide you speak of will disappear when you move out here and start going to married student wards.

Katie said...

holy moly! I found your blog.so cute! alpha.

Caty said...

I must be honest... there are only a few things I am excited about right now for Utah. And one of them is married student wards (the biggest one being family, ofcourse).

Alpha, you have a blog! :)