A few months ago, I visited my best friend at her home to photograph her new baby boy. It was a small session and I don't think the poor little guy was into having his picture taken, but it was such a wonderful morning!

Going through the photos afterward made me emotional. This girl has been a best friend of mine for more than ten years now. I still remember the summer we started our friendship. It was at a youth conference in the-middle-of-somewhere, Missouri. I had known her and her family for all my life and while I don't remember the exact circumstances, I remember that was the year we clicked. After that conference, we went on to have dozens of sleep overs, movie nights, outdoor adventures, and so much more. And seeing these photos, it hit me once again that we're all grown up now. She is a beautiful wife and mother and I hope you can feel her love for this baby through these photos as much as I could when I was there in the flesh.

Thank you, Nellie, for letting me capture these!

 photo 21.jpg
 photo 22.jpg
 photo 24.jpg


Lavender-Colored Glasses

Right now, I should be in Missouri. If everything had gone according to plan, I would be sitting on the couch, cuddled up to my mom while watching random television shows on the HGTV channel; or an inspirational talk from a past General Conference (chosen by my darling father). I would be covered by a blanket, feeling nostalgic since most of the blankets at my parents' house have established a permanent place by traveling through the years between my siblings and me. I would be tempted to snag some candy from my dad's notorious junk food cabinet or maybe not at all, since I might be full from an amazing home-cooked meal.

But alas, I am sitting in front of my computer, here in my bedroom, in the middle of Salt Lake City. Coughing and sneezing as thick newly-cut bangs graze my eyelashes, wearing bright red lipstick (I put it on when I need a pick-me-up). Today, my flight was cancelled due to weather conditions in the Midwest...

Once I found my way through the airport and to my assigned gate, I sat down, put on my earphones and started a movie on my little iTouch. Totally oblivious to the world around me, I didn't hear the many announcements concerning the cancellation, nor did I see the large group of people around me stand up and leave, most of them quite belligerent I'm sure. When I finally heard the makings of a man yelling through his phone, I looked up and saw the empty section of chairs.

...I was so confused. Had I missed my flight? No... It wasn't supposed to board for another 30 minutes. Was I at the wrong gate? No... I triple-checked my boarding pass. I turned off the movie and gathered my belongings, standing up hesitantly, feeling like I was in the Twilight Zone. Just then, a cute little old airport man found me. Now mind you, I have been pretty sick for the past week and today was one of the worse days yet. I was already barely-functioning and slightly drugged up on Dayquil. He told me my flight had been cancelled and I still didn't understand. I looked up at the monitor above me and saw the bold red letters "CANCELLED" next to all flights from SLC to Kansas City. By the way, why red? The color which symbolizes rage?? Yes, what great way to let holiday travelers know they're plans were just flushed down the toilet. I'm just saying... Maybe announce it in a nice lavender or Spring-sky blue.

Finally, it hit me that I wasn't going to see my family and friends back home as soon as I had expected. The Dayquil was wearing off and I looked at the little old man as tears started welling up in my eyes. I feel bad for the guy. He gave me that look, the one they always give me of panic, guilt and "please don't cry" concern. He had no idea what to do. I'm betting he handles irate customers better than crying twenty-something-year old girls. But after the crying subsided and I took a deep breath, I realized there was nothing I could do to make that airplane fly to Kansas City today (well, not successfully anyway). And I remembered how I don't believe in coincidences. Both made me feel better and allowed me to gain my composure long enough to re-schedule a flight for this weekend. Granted, once I called my mom to tell her the news, that composure dissipated and I found a bathroom stall to rush into (I loathe crying in public).

So... this story doesn't really get any happier. Except for the fact that I have so many amazing people who were willing to rescue me from the airport in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. Also, I won't have to fly with a mega head/sinus cold. My sister in-law Kelly informed me that perhaps my eardrums would have exploded while in the air due to intense pressure. That does not sound like an experience I want to have. And I've been given another day or two to recover before seeing my people back home. There are some positives to this situation (and probably a few others I am not aware of) and those are the things I prefer to focus on (after crying in the middle of an airport restroom of course... I had to get it out of my system).

I hope your holiday plans are falling into place. If they aren't, I hope you can find a way to see the good and hilarious in every situation and make the most of it! Easier said than done, but definitely possible. As one of my good friends once told me, "If it turns out crappy, just embrace the crappiness! Life is short." Amen. :)


Twenty and Six

I had a birthday this week.
My cutie-patootie niece Maggie (and a photobomb by Snow White)

Rock on, Spider-Man.

A lost tooth!

"Chopped" style appetizers

A birthday wish.

Fabulous gifts.

Much-loved family time!


Have a peaceful weekend.


Grab your favorite book, venture outside (if the weather permits), and enjoy Autumn while it sticks around.
Happy Friday, everyone!


I went to the UPS store to mail something today. Upon reaching the register to get a stamp from the cute cashier guy, I started choking. And I mean "I feel like I'm going to pass out" choking. Out of no where, without any warning. I try to remain subtle and charming, but I doubt anyone, not even Kate Middleton herself, could appear graceful while choking for no reason. Cute-cashier-guy quickly ran to the back and returned with the most darling little bottle of water I've ever seen. But I was basically dying, so I stopped admiring the stubby plastic container and started drinking up. It suppressed the violent coughing long enough for me to purchase a stamp and croak out, "Thank you." I ran back to my car, where I let loose and coughed until I felt like I was about to throw up. Once I was finished and able to breath somewhat normally again, I mistakenly glanced in my rear-view mirror.


My mascara had run evvvverywhere and I looked like a pummeled raccoon. On top of that, my hair was a mess; it appeared as though I had stuck my head out the window of a moving train (how did that happen?).

So basically, there's no way that guy wasn't attracted to me, right? ;-)